About Us

Charlie’s Friends was created in January 2017 and despite being in its infancy, has already provided financial assistance to 7 local animal rescues and that number increases monthly. The organization was formed by Charlie Holifield, who has been hosting pet benefits for over 16 years, along with his like-minded “friends.” Charlie and his friends realized that the true need for the community wasn’t another pet rescue organization but a group that would support those already in place with financial assistance. Everyone wants to see a discarded pet taken in but few people realize the financial requirements and volunteer hours that must be spent to accomplish this. Rescued animals come with various histories that often require great medical expense and training to undo the damage that has been inflicted upon them. They can’t safely be placed into new homes until this is accomplished. Responsible rescue organizations know this and most stay “at capacity” with the number of animals they can take in at any given moment. Once an animal is rescued, rehabilitated, and rehomed it opens a space for the process to begin for another. Charlie and his friends are dedicated to raising money and awareness for these rescues so they can continue their amazing and much needed work.

We accomplish this by hosting monthly events at local bars and restaurants, many of which are pet-friendly. We love partnering with venues in the community as this helps our organization and the restaurant gain new customers and exposure. The events give people an opportunity to socialize, support the animals through a small donation, and enjoy complimentary and or discounted food and beverages. All monies raised through these events goes to a different local pet rescue in our community. They use the funds to cover the many costs they face when taking in abandoned pets such as vet bills, boarding, food, and training.

Please visit Charlie and his Friends at our Facebook page, Charlie’s Friends Inc., where you can “LIKE” us and view many photos from our prior events in addition to being notified about current events and adoptable pets. We look forward to meeting you at our next event and having another “friend” to help us continue our work for these animals.